Rocket Speller PLUS

... an app that has set the standard for phonics and spelling apps for kids.

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one of the best phonics and spelling apps available


Rocket Speller Plus has retained the features of the original app that made it so much fun for kids to play but what they have added turns it into a must-have app for younger children ...

The iMums

... a great way to learn to spell words via a fun, intuitive and interactive interface.

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This truly is an app that will grow with your child.

Appy Mall

Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a new rocket ship. They'll spell words to help him fly to 3 different planets and collect the rocket pieces he needs. The game ends when they launch their fancy new rocket into space and steer it through a short star-collecting mini-game.


  • Promotes recognition of letter names & sounds (including vowel and consonant blends) and demonstrates how these combine to form words
  • Goes beyond standard phonics apps by grouping trickier letter blends (e.g. "ai" and "ph" so kids can learn to spell words like, "dolphin" and "stairs".
  • 5 levels of difficulty engage children at different stages of development
  • 450+ simple and complex words (including some Dolch words)
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Adaptive Assistance technology helps kids when they are struggling
  • Customize the learning experience by selecting upper or lower case letters, letter names or phonics, difficulty level, and word theme category
  • Highly motivating game play
  • Develops awareness of left-to-right letter order
  • 5 word categories: Creatures, Around the House, The Basics (numbers, colors, and shapes), Food, and All Words
  • Words are different every time you play

  • Regional words are used for the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand (North American accent only)
  • 1000's of possible rocket combinations


  • Learning letter names and phonemes
  • Enhancing early vocabulary
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Classroom learning centres, home use, or in the car


1: 3-6 letter words. Place letters in any order. Audible and visual hints.

2: 3-10 letter words. Order required. Audible and visual hints. 
3: 3-4 letter words. Order required. Audible hints. Adaptive assistance.
4: 5-6 letter words. Correct order required. Adaptive assistance only.
5: 7-10 letter words. Correct order required. Adaptive assistance only.


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