Little Big Car Factory

Children love spelling in this engaging 'build and spell' game. Parents love how easy it is to add custom word lists and see children's progress. It's great for weekly spelling lists, learning new vocabulary, and spelling bee practice. Ages 4-8.

In the Little Big Car Factory, players become super spelling car designers! After selecting a vehicle to customize, they will spell words to gain access into each of the Design Labs at the factory. They will select from a variety of flashy paint designs, snazzy wheels, fun decals, and groovy radio tunes before taking it out for a spin on a non-violent race course that is different every time.

The simple, uncluttered interface makes it easy to set up word lists for your children. You can also add context sentences and record your own pronunciations.


  • Players learn words progressively through 3 levels of difficulty
  • Add your own word lists (as many as you want)
  • Add multiple player profiles
  • SEE, HEAR, SPELL method provides a holistic exposure to words and supports different learning styles
  • Adaptive Assistance technology presents the player's 'tricky words' more often over time
  • Accommodates word lists for any language with left-to-right letter order
  • Voice record option for accurate pronunciations
  • Computer voice for words that you don't record yourself
  • Context sentences can be entered/recorded for each word
  • Reward system that recognizes the child's improvement, hard work, and persistence by unlocking more design options over time
  • Includes 12 built-in lists (for instant play and previewing the game flow)
  • Choose to create a 'Full-Feature' word list or a 'Quick List' (for time-pressed parents)
  • Player Reports indicate progress over time and tricky words
  • High re-playablity
  • Secure Grown-ups Area


  • Earning new vehicles, paints, decals, wheels, and radio tunes
  • Racing your own car on race courses that change every time
  • See which words you’ve improved on and mastered, and which ones require more practice
  • Learn your spelling words while playing a fun game


  • Be sure to set up your child's profile & word lists on the device they'll be using. Player profile data & lists cannot be shared with other devices at this time.
  • Word lists can include up to 24 words each
  • Individual words can be up to 14 characters
  • The device reads the word in the absence of a recording (iOS 7 and above only)
  • Add new language keyboards to your device in (Device)Settings > General > Keyboards
  • This app is designed to help kids learn and practice new words. Since it is not a testing app, we have not included the option to disable the player's [spelling] Help button on the basis that repeatedly seeing and hearing the word will contribute to their learning.


  • There are external links within the secured Grown-Ups area.
  • No third party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • No push notifications
  • We never collect any personal information. This app tracks usage data (using Flurry Analytics) to help us improve the user experience. All data is aggregated and completely anonymous. You may easily opt-out by visiting